Case Study – Exploring & Improving the Priority Health Issues Assessment

Case Study – Exploring & Improving the Priority Health Issues Assessment

As an interactive portion of our Community Conversations, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health
District (SAMHD) is looking for your perspective, ideas and feedback about how it can improve
its data collection processes, focusing specifically on the recent Priority Health Issues

In 2018, SAMHD conducted a comprehensive survey assessment of the Bexar County
population in order to identify what people viewed as the top health issues in their community.
The assessment began with an interactive survey activity on SASpeakUp (view survey here) and
was followed by dissemination of both electronic and paper surveys (in English and
Spanish) across Bexar County until end of December 2018.

In the survey, each participant was asked to pick the top 3 health issues affecting their
community, among a list of 25 health issues. Overall, 4,147 individuals participated in the
survey. The survey was used to identify 10 priority health issues for the City. A “Prioritization
Task Force” made up of organizational partners and community members was then formed to
select the top 4 issues. As a result of the prioritization, Access to Health Care, Adverse
Childhood Experiences, Nutrition and Violence were selected, and continue to be focus areas
for policy and programming at Metro Health.

SAMHD is making this survey, and zip-code level data from the survey publicly accessible for
feedback about how bias (race, gender, economic, cultural or other) may occur in the survey
questions, how it was administered, and how the data was sorted and analyzed. The shared case study documents include:

  • Overview of the Survey, it’s methods and results
  • English and Spanish versions of the Survey
  • A summary of the Overall Top 10 Health Issues identified by the Survey
  • Responses to the Survey by Zip Code (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • A Power Point presentation explaining the survey process, results, and policy outcomes


>> Click Here to View the Case Study Files


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Your responses will be collected by CivTechSA, and reviewed by the Office of Innovation to support future data-driven policy processes at the City of San Antonio, and inform entrepreneurial efforts to create new approaches to working with data.



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