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Geekdom and Codeup joined forces to host the second Veterans Codeathon here in San Antonio powered by CivTechSA on May 21st-23rd. All ticket sales were donated to the Texas Veterans Network, and USAA sponsored the prize money totaling $5,000.


Over the course of the weekend, We engaged with coders, designers, and tech experts in the area to build something extraordinary to improve the quality of life for our active-duty military members, veterans, and their spouses.


Two of the challenges, Veteran Wholesale and Community Wellness, were selected and worked on by our four teams. A panel of City department leads and local tech community leaders were selected to judge the projects and select the winners. USAA also chose a favorite based on the project’s social impact to the local veteran community.



Community Wellness 

How do we create a network of social and health resources for the veteran community? (i.e gym buddies, baby-sitters, support groups, wellness education, etc).



Workforce Dev

How do we help those exiting the military identify and translate their workforce skills and experience into civilian career pathways?



Veteran “Groupon”

How do we find a way to list veteran discounts, perks, specials that San Antonio businesses offer? This would help veterans and encourage local businesses to offer more discounts.



Veteran Wholesale

How do we connect local veteran owned businesses to potential customers/suppliers to create a network to support each other businesses (ex. I build houses and would like to buy my lumber from a fellow veteran).

First Place- Veteran Connect 

  • Challenge: Veteran Wholesale
  • A marketplace designed specifically for veteran owned or veteran friendly businesses to interact and look for essential business needs. This is also be available for public users interested in helping the veteran community.
  • Veteran connect used HTML, CSS, Javascript, nodeJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, mySQL as well as creating a backend API from scratch.
  • Presentation Link

Second Place- VOSB Connection

  • Challenge: Veteran Wholesale
  • VOSB Connection aims to accelerate veteran to veteran contracting opportunities.
  • VOSB utilized trapi, Brazor, SBA DSBS, NAICS Search engine, GSA Category Hallways, FBO, beta.SAM.gov, FAPIIS.
  • Presentation Link

Third Place and USAA Favorite- Help Tank

  • Challenge: Community Wellness
  • Help-Tank’s goal is to make getting help simple. Too many current resources are full of text that feel more like research than help. Help-Tank users are given communication resources to quickly reach out and find crisis solutions.
  • Help-Tank used HTML5, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, APACHE, JQUERY, MAPBOX API as well as hosting the website using a LAMP machine.
  • Presentation Link
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