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Residency Program

The Residency Program

What is it?

In an effort to foster collaboration and growth between the entrepreneur and technology communities, the City of San Antonio has created the CivTechSA Residency Program.


The CivTechSA Residency Program is a 16-week program where the City invites startups to solve civic challenges. A selection committee will choose three startups to embed inside of City Departments and collaborate closely with the City to build custom solutions for San Antonio.

Who is it for?

The CivTechSA Residency Program is an open invitation to startups as defined in the application. This means startups that have been incorporated for less than 5 years with fewer than 10 employees and are actively working towards innovation, development, deployment, and the commercialization of new products and/or services driven by tech or intellectual property, and have less than $2 million run rate.


The City of San Antonio has worked diligently to streamline processes in order to work more closely with the entrepreneur and tech communities to ultimately grow San Antonio’s dynamic ecosystem.

How it works

2018 Civic Challenges

The City has identified civic issues and put them into a Civic Problem Bank. Through rigorous scoring, the City then chose 7 Civic Challenges for the Residency Program.

(2019 Challenges Coming Soon)

Selecting Teams

Startups apply for a 16-week Residency solve 7 Civic Challenges from the City Problem Bank. Companies have until February 12, 2018 to submit their proposals.

Application Closed

16-Week Residency

The selected startups will work closely with the City, Geekdom, and CivTechSA throughout the duration of the Residency Program in order to have access to a rich community of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors, ensuring the solutions are well-developed and on target with City needs.

Pitching at Demo Day

At the end of the Residency, we’ll have a Demo Day to showcase the solutions the startups developed, highlighting all of their efforts, wherein the City departments will have the option to purchase the solutions.

Our Impact


Events Held
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Event Attendees
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City Depts + 4 other Partners Involved


Civic Challenges Solved

2018 Residents

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Kinetech Cloud is the best fit for the CivTechSa Residency Program
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