CivTechSA Community Challenge Survey is Live!

covid 19 community support

CivTechSA Community Challenge Survey is Live!

CivTechSA has collaborated with local innovators and community leaders to create our COVID-19 Community Challenge Survey. We hope people and community service organizations across San Antonio will help us identify what community needs exist so we can share them with the tech community to find unique ways to solve them.

We believe that we are stronger together and are so proud of what our city has done so far, but know there’s still a lot left to do. Once we receive the survey results, we’ll work with students, entrepreneurs, startups, and tech organizations to address the community challenges through technology.

One of the biggest needs right now is to get more PPE equipment to healthcare workers currently on the frontlines. CivTechSA greatly supports what Can Opener Labs, Rise Civic Consulting, and STEAMTotBox for their amazing contributions to protecting our doctors and nurses by working with the local maker communities and 10BitWorks, LS4 3D Printing, and others to create 3D-printed and homemade face shields, masks, and ventilator prototypes.

Several community resources have popped up including the City of San Antonio’s COVID-19 Resources page, SA2020’s up-to-date community sourced information on businesses and restaurants that are still open at this time, and the In This Together campaign.

If you want more information on the survey or local PPE and Community Resources, please visit CivTechSA’s Community Support page.

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