Year 3 Residency Program Set for Launch

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Year 3 Residency Program Set for Launch

The Residency Program is back for its THIRD year with another opportunity for startups to get involved with CivTechSA! This 16-week residency allows startups to help identify solutions for specific civic challenges here in San Antonio. Emerging companies get to choose which challenge to solve while working closely with the submitting City Department. Together, they can customize the innovation to meet San Antonio’s specific needs.

To review, in Year Two of the CivTechSA program, we got to work with TWO amazing companies, focused on solving key issues in San Antonio. Rise Civic Consulting took on the Affordable Housing Challenge with the Neighborhood and Housing Services Department. They developed a web-delivered platform that provides the ability to search for affordable housing options in a local housing inventory. Their creative solution allows users to narrow search requirements by more than just cost and location. Additionally, Outreach Grid connected with the Department of Human Services to address the local homelessness problem. Their mobile app enables organizations around San Antonio to coordinate their efforts. 

The Residency Program provides a unique opportunity to connect startups with City Departments in a way that fosters a relationship and relevant development for innovation and improvement. Want to be part of this year’s Residency? Get ready! Year Three of the Residency Program kicks off with the Call for Application, which will open on January 17th, 2020. Therefore, we will be posting the official list of civic challenges for Year 3 Residency soon. Get involved in this year’s residency by marking your calendar to apply.


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