NISD Middle Schoolers Tour the Alamodome

NISD Middle Schoolers Tour the Alamodome

This past Saturday, October 26, our team had the opportunity to tour the Alamodome with 265 NISD middle school students. This group was just a handful of the 900+ students that are working on a challenge for the Convention & Sports Facilities Department of San Antonio. This challenge aims to better security for the Alamodome in order to ensure safety for the people entering and exiting the facility on a daily basis. 

These students arrived on 12 buses and were broken up into 6 different stations for tours. 

Station 1:
  • Students got to meet with gate security and walked through metal detectors.
  • They walked the loading docks and the Alamodome team member spoke of the importance of scheduling that area of the facility.
Station 2:
  • The students viewed the behind the scenes camera security room and rode in the giant elevators that are used to transport supplies from the different levels.
Station 3:
  • They listened to one of the heads of security touch on all the different moving parts in the security control room.
Station 4:
  • The students listened to a presentation on all the different positions of the Alamodome security staff and some of the specifics of the venue, such as how many people the facility can hold.
Station 5:
  • They got to do an activity with the Events Team where they roleplayed guests going through the ACP (Access Control Points) when entering the facility. 
    • Box office, metal detectors, ushers, etc.
Station 6:
  • Finally, students were able to experience the box office from both sides, roleplaying as a customer purchasing a ticket as well as seeing the computer system that is used on the flip side to print the ticket.

The students who attended the field trip were bright and asked amazing questions throughout the tour. It is always great to have multiple perspectives when trying to solve a challenge and with all 900+ middle schoolers working on this challenge, we should see incredible ideas and solutions.



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