Our Partners SAMSAT and SASTEMIC have Merged


Our Partners SAMSAT and SASTEMIC have Merged

CivTechSA is excited to announce that two of our partners have merged, as of Friday, September 13, 2019. SAMSAT, the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology, and SASTEMIC, The STEM Connectory, have joined forces to form a stronger and more diverse organization. The combined team will maintain the name SAMSAT, however they will retain SASTEMIC as a product brand. This organization’s goal is to advance STEM education in San Antonio and together they hope to make a larger difference in the lives of not only students but their families as well.

Wondering how you can get involved in STEM?

Check out SAMSAT’s SA Smart Mayor’s K-12 Smart City Challenge. Similar to CivTechSA, this program is going into their 3rd year and is only getting better.

For this years challenge the topic is “Digital Inclusion”. 7-12 grade students will form teams in order to research a San Antonio specific smart city problem and propose a strategy, product, or service as a solution. Interested in learning more?

Check out their page: www.sa-smart.org/



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