Activate Your Creativity and Innovate With Us at Ideathon

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Activate Your Creativity and Innovate With Us at Ideathon

As Spring Break comes to a close and mid-terms rear their ugly heads, it’s easy to fall into those dreaded mid-semester blues. (How will you survive until summer vacation?!) CivTechSA wants to break you away from the lackluster and invite you to our second annual Ideathon. This weekend event will activate your creativity and get your innovative juices flowing again. Ideathon is a two-day, collaborative event geared towards college students. The City of San Antonio’s Office of Innovation developed 14 challenges that we hope will spark your interest in helping us solve real civic-related issues that affect all of us who live in San Antonio.

Here’s a peak at the types of challenges that you may encounter at Ideathon:


As  a result of more people moving to San Antonio, the need for reliable and affordable transportation services increases. Help us identify new insights to improve rider experience, transportation affordability, and increase ridership!


As San Antonio grows, residents will need more support or different types of support as our communities change. Sustainability includes environmental changes, conservation efforts, affordable housing options and others. Help us better understand how San Antonio’s growth impacts residents, and how we can continuously improve the quality of life in our city!

Access to Services

Improving access to and the effectiveness of utility services will help the City of San Antonio create a more connected, resilient and inclusive city. Help us identify opportunities to combine existing services or create new ones!

Do you love ideating, but worry that you’re not an expert?

No problem! We’ll have a slew of mentors and experts available to help coach, guide and answer your technical questions. (Hello, networking!) You’ll also meet tons of students from colleges all over San Antonio, and be able to build new friendships. At the end of the event, your team will even have the chance to pitch your solution to some of the best people in San Antonio’s tech scene. We promise it will be a weekend full of brainstorming, ideating and collaboration.

  • Geekdom’s Chief Executive Officer David Garcia
  • City of San Antonio’s Innovation Administrator (and CivTechSA Co-Founder) Kate Kinnison.
  • Tech Bloc’s Chief Talent Recruiting Officer (and CivTechSA Co-Founder) Dax Moreno
  • Innocenti Jones PLLC Co-Founder and Startup and Technology Attorney Debra L. Innocenti-Placette
  • Geekdom’s Pre-Accelorator Program Manager Joyce Deuley


Lastly, the Ideathon winners will be awarded cash prizes and a chance to participate in a paid summer internship with the wonderful – if we do say so ourselves – CivTechSA team! Oh, and did I mention that participation in Ideathon is free, along with a really cool Ideathon shirt that you’ll receive just for ideating with us over the weekend?  If nothing else, you can wear the shirt and reminisce about that one time you canoodled with San Antonio’s brightest students and city experts. Ahh, the memories.

Interested?  Here’s the details.

Participation is FREE, as well as snacks, drinks, and a shirt.

Date and Time

Begins on Friday, April 12 at 6 pm

Ends on Sat, April 13 at 9 pm


Geekdom Event Centre, 131 Soledad Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Click here to reserve your spot at this year’s Ideathon!

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