SmartSA Datathon Kick Off Event

SmartSA Datathon Kick Off Event

We have two days left before the SmartSA Datathon Kick Off Event on Friday, Oct. 19th at Geekdom!

CivTechSA will be live streaming the Kick Off Event on Facebook, including a special announcement from Codeup and a SmartSA panel discussion (6:00pm) and the Final Presentations on Sunday afternoon (2pm-5:30pm).

For more info, email us at

Team Selection

The SmartSA Partners released datasets across organizations and have looked to the community to find insights and opportunities across three challenge areas: Transportation, Sustainability, and Sustainability.

Out of 32 proposals, the SmartSA Partners picked 7 teams last week to move into the final Weekend Event at Geekdom. The participants submitted a wide range of ideas on how to best use the data SmartSA released, making the selection process very challenging. The first round of judging ultimately took 2 days for the partners to make the final decision.

SmartSA Panel & Datathon Judges

The SmartSA Panel will consist of SmartSA Partner leaders and cover each partner’s vision for making San Antonio a Smart City and how they’re hoping the teams will create powerful, publicly-accessible tools to help move that vision forward.

On Sunday, the panelists will also serve as the judging panel for Final Presentations, along with Geekdom CEO, David Garcia.

SmartSA Panelists

  • Craig Hopkins, CIO for the City
  • Karen Kierwan, CIO for CPS Energy
  • Sree Pulapaka, CIO for SAWS
  • Alex Rodriguez, CIO for SARA
  • Steve Young, VP of IT for VIA


Thank You!


Our sponsors have made this Datathon a reality by affording us the ability to put on a compelling and dynamic event for our participants. We greatly appreciate their involvement and the support they provide.

  • USAA
  • Geekdom
  • Keen
  • Assembla
  • Open Cloud Academy
  • Codeup
  • Zpryme
  • David Sims Media



A thank you is in order for the good people who have agreed to assist our teams with their questions. All SmartSA partners have provided data and subject matter experts to assist on Saturday, and Geekdom has found some tried and true community judges for Sunday. Thank You!

  • Arun Schipse, CPS Energy
  • Advanced Analytics Team, CPS Energy
  • Jacob Covarrubias, SAWS
  • Maxim Mokeyev, SAWS
  • Jordan Merson, SARA
  • Jose Flores, VIA
  • Joel Gilbert, VIA
  • Igor Negovetic, City
  • Paula Stallcup, City
  • Marcus Hammer, City
  • Samuel Hutchins, City
  • Troy Golding, City
  • Katherine Goldey, City
  • Thomas Rivera, City
  • Debra Innocenti, Innocenti Jones, PLLC
  • David Jones, Innocenti Jones, PLLC
  • Justin Houck, Geekdom


Organizing Committee

None of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of the SmartSA Datathon Organizing Committee. This committee has spent months collaborating and planning the initial SmartSA Datathon Competition. A huge thank you to them and all of their hard work!

  • Kate Kinnison, City
  • Jason Scarlett, CPS Energy
  • Joe Cordova, CPS Energy
  • Jorge De Leon, CPS Energy
  • Arun Schipse, CPS Energy
  • Mysti Downing, SARA
  • Jacob Covarrubias, SAWS
  • Matt Prenzler, VIA
  • Anna Gutierrez, Geekdom
  • Joyce Deuley, Geekdom




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