Final Countdown: SmartSA Datathon Proposals

Final Countdown: SmartSA Datathon Proposals

It’s the final countdown to submit your SmartSA Datathon team proposals! You have until Monday October 8th to submit your team and ideas before our committee selects the finalists for the Oct. 19-21st SmartSA Datathon Competition.

How does this work?

Review the datatsets in the Data Catalogue, form a team between 2-6 people, and submit a team proposal before the deadline. Then the Datathon selection committee will review the proposals and select the final participants to join us at Geekdom Oct. 19-21st for the SmartSA Datathon Competition event.

What Kinds of Ideas/Projects is SmartSA Looking For?

Since we’ve never combined datasets this way, we aren’t too sure what could be hidden in the data across the SmartSA datasets (CPS Energy, SAWS, SARA, VIA, City of San Antonio). However, we’ve narrowed it down to three challenge areas: Transportation, Sustainability, and Access to Services.


We’re looking for dashboards, visualization tools, applications, etc. that demonstrate what’s going on across SmartSA organizations’ datasets, see if there are opportunities for improvement or innovation. This could also include predictive modeling apps that demonstrate how the data is changing over time and what to expect over the next few years, as well.


Datathon logo black backgroundThe prize categories can help you figure out what kinds of projects to pursue as well:

$15,000, Most Comprehensive

  • Uses data from multiple SmartSA partners
  • Easy to use dashboard/portal
  • Continuous on-going analytics
  • For public use/engagement


$2,500 Most Insightful

  • Most informative analytics/predictive modeling modeling with data from one or more SmartSA partners


$2,500 Most Compelling

  • Most impactful/engaging dashboard or data visualization


In addition to prize money, there will be the opportunity for you to demonstrate your talents in front of  SmartSA partners with the potential for talent scouting.


Visit our SmartSA Datathon page to review our FAQs, access the Q&A presentation, or watch the Q&A video.

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