Spotlight: Reckon Point and The Airport Challenge

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Spotlight: Reckon Point and The Airport Challenge

Reckon Point is the other local startup in the 2018 Residency Program. It specializes in everything from 3D mapping to indoor positioning technology to provide hyper-accurate geolocation services to clients. The Reckon Point team boasts 40 years combined experience in the Department of Defense. The team is made up of highly-qualified engineers and technology experts.


The Challenge

The airport in San Antonio served almost 9 million passengers in 2017. They have been looking for ways to enhance and streamline traveler experience. It can be difficult for travelers to navigate the airport, particularly if this is their first time in San Antonio. While there are tools to help travelers get the information they need, it isn’t available in one location. It requires the travelers constantly seek out assistance to find all of them. The CivTechSA Civic Challenge centers around de-stressing the terminals and helping travelers get where they’re going quickly and effortlessly.


Reckon Point’s Solution

With their specialization in indoor mapping, Reckon Point has thrown itself into the work: by using their own robot! Reckon Point has harnessed the power of magnetic fields and Wi-Fi signals to better map out an area compared to standard GPS signals. A large part of their work during the Residency Program was spent LiDAR mapping the Airport to create highly accurate and detailed maps of the facility.


Using these maps, the startup will create a mobile application demo around it, which will give users searchable interactive maps that will mark points of interest and give step-by-step navigation to travelers. Reckon Point plans to integrate existing services into this app such as a wait time for terminals, available parking spots, and more.


For more information about the Challenge and what Reckon Point has done so far, watch this interview with KSAT.


The reason Reckon Point was selected because of its unique approach to this Challenge.

We can’t wait for Demo Day to arrive so we can see just how far they’ve come!


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