Spotlight: Kinetech Cloud and The DHS Challenge

Kinetech Cloud is the best fit for the CivTechSa Residency Program

Spotlight: Kinetech Cloud and The DHS Challenge

As the CivTechSA Residency Program comes to a close, we figured it would be a great time to spotlight the startups that participated in our initial cohort and what they’ve built. These startups have laid it all on the line over the past few months! We are so proud to highlight what makes them unique! 

Kinetech Cloud

First up is Kinetech Cloud, a technology consulting firm based in San Antonio and the UK. They design, develop, and supports custom cloud software and integration. Thus, unlocking the possibilities for true digital innovation for their clients. The firm has been around for a few years. So they have built up a healthy client list while consistently elevating the tech ecosystem here and abroad.

The Challenge

The Department of Human Services (DHS) supplied the Utility Assistance Civic Challenge for the 2018 Civic Problem Bank. Which,  Kinetech took the challenge head on. Prior to the Residency Program, DHS struggled to keep up with the number of paper/mail-in applications that would come through its office. DHS was in great need of a more organized and accessible way for the people of San Antonio to apply for utility assistance.

Paper applications are inefficient, bulky, and severely limit the ability for the department to communicate with applicants. Roughly 8,000 families need utility assistance each year. But applications can take anywhere from two weeks to thirty days to be processed. As a result a lot of families aren’t granted the assitance they need. 

Kinetech’s Solution

Because of Kinetech’s background in helping companies streamline and digitally transform their processes, they knew exactly how to rework the application form. They were also able to create a unique experience for both the department and the applicants. Here’s a short interview of what Kinetech has done for DHS:

Now, there is an online, mobile-friendly application for applicants. They can access it from anywhere and on any device. They upload the necessary documents securely and at their convenience. There’s a dashboard that applicants and DHS case workers can access to better monitor the process and communicate with each other. Finally, the back end, DHS can also better track the number of applications and how quickly they are being processed.


Each year, DHS processes about 1,000 applications and provide the necessary utility assistance to San Antonio residents. By equipping DHS with these robust tools and management software the department can turn its attention to other programs and community-enhancing projects.

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